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From rain forests to mountain ranges, lush islands and stunning beaches, South America offers the perfect escape with luxury hotels and private properties that capture the essence of Latin American living.

Representing five-star properties across Central and South America, Southern Cross Hospitality offers tailor-made luxury hotel marketing, sales strategy, consultation and hotel business development services that accentuate the unique characteristics of your property and connect you with the luxury leisure traveler in the US market. See all of our hotels in South and Central America.

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About Us

Family-run with a deep passion for travel, Southern Cross Hospitality was born from a desire to connect luxury clientele in the US to the stunning properties of our founder's home continent: South America.

A thriving travel marketplace and culturally rich destination with incredible landscapes, South and Central America offer a host of luxury five-star properties boasting amazing opportunities for leisure travelers seeking a Latin America escape.

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Casa De Uco

El Castillo

Hotel Three Sixty

Tiki Villas Rainforest Resort